Saturday, May 31, 2008

Poem for Saturday

One Can Miss Mountains

and pine. One

can dismiss
a whisper's

and go on as

before as if
everything were

perfectly fine.
One does. One

loses wonder
among stores

of things.
One can even miss

the basso boom
of the ocean's

rumpus room
and its rhythm.

A man can leave
this earth

and take nothing
--not even

with him.

                -- Todd Boss


I was going to have lunch with PerkyPaduan, but she wasn't feeling well, and then I tried to get Paul to have lunch with me but he wasn't feeling well either! I was a bit sleepy anyway, having stayed up later than I intended after discovering Facebook chat, which I didn't know existed until my cousin pinged me, and then spotting WindSweptAway with whom I haven't chatted in ages and plotting potential evil with her and Mama Dracula for later in the summer. I did manage to write a semi-coherent review of one of Next Gen's best, "The High Ground", before going to my parents' for dinner and to celebrate my father's birthday (belatedly, since he was in San Francisco on the day). Paul made him a white chocolate pistachio cheesecake, mmm. I am cautiously delighted about the LiveJournal policy revisions -- they don't address every concern I've ever had, but at least they seem to be listening and thinking for a change.

The Friday Five: With the following phrases, post a single image of the strongest thought/idea that pops into your head. Note: clearly this week someone couldn't count to five. There are enough photos in this post, so feel free to image search these.
1. Favorite Food: Chocolate
2. Least Favorite Food: Asparagus
3. Favorite Thing: Purple mountains' majesty
4. Least Favorite Thing: War
5. A phobia: Popping balloons
6. An addiction: Chocolate

Fannish 5: What are five favorite comic book adaptations? Not a big fan of comic books. That said:
1. Smallville
2. The Addams Family
3. Batman Begins
4. X-Men
5. Spider-Man

One of the labyrinths at the Virginia Renaissance Faire.

The pirate game tent ("what happens on board stays on board").

Ladies of the court play on psalteries.

I believe this is Gretchen McMahon, who plays guitar, mandolin and Celtic harp. a llama an alpaca. *g*

And here is some of the yarn and wool produced by the llamas alpacas at the fair.

The Faire has a "no pets" rule that does not seem to apply to vendors, which is fine with me since it means that there are dogs around.

Sneaky Peat's Irish BBQ!

Rewatched The Sarah Jane Adventures' "The Lost Boy" and Doctor Who's "The Poison Sky" -- neither my favorite episode of either show but still quite enjoyable. Then watched Battlestar Galactica, which I enjoyed more than any episode this season; amazing how an episode with very few crazy women can improve the series so vastly! Spoilers: I mean, yeah, Athena is just as crazy now as Starbuck, Three, Six, Roslin, Tory, et al, but Romo Lampkin is just as crazy now as Leoben, Baltar and Tigh, visions and all ("Laura Roslin is a study in repressed ambition like you, Mr. Adama," heh, while talking to his dead cat).

And finally, finally, the admiral joins the ranks of the nutjobs, so beautifully that I forgive almost everything else ("Why are you doing this?" "Because I can't live without her. And Laura's going to get to the rendezvous point, I have to believe that"). He knows he's lost his objectivity, he's at peace with his son, he can't stay mad at Zarek. He can't even stay mad at Tigh over the!!! If Tigh and Six conceived a child, what does that mean about what it means to be a Cylon? Not only can they have babies with humans but with one another too. So they send the old folks off and leave the kids in charge (well, Tigh's not a kid but he's not an old folk either exactly). Ought to be totally screwed up when Three comes back and opens her mouth.

Then watched the season finale of The Tudors On Demand. I despise Henry and I loathe this pretty, virginal Jane Seymour; if Henry divorced Anne of Cleves for being too uneducated, he'd have noticed a Jane who had nothing to recommend her besides a pretty face. Not sure I want to watch this show without Anne, once it's all Cromwell's and the Seymours' ambitions and Henry's hideous self-absorption.

Oh, and I need a favor: someone please spoil me for Sex & the City, because there's no way I'm going to see that movie till it's on cable, and I have a perverse desire to find out what happens, particularly to Samantha.

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