Thursday, October 30, 2008

Poem for Thursday

Sonnet 100
By Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke

In night when colors all to black are cast,
Distinction lost, or gone down with the light;
The eye a watch to inward senses placed,
Not seeing, yet still having powers of sight,

Gives vain alarums to the inward sense,
Where fear stirred up with witty tyranny,
Confounds all powers, and thorough self-offense,
Doth forge and raise impossibility:

Such as in thick depriving darknesses,
Proper reflections of the error be,
And images of self-confusednesses,
Which hurt imaginations only see;

And from this nothing seen, tells news of devils,
Which but expressions be of inward evils.


I had a very nice morning and early afternoon -- I met my oldest friend and her mom for lunch with me and my mom at Legal Seafood, so it was both good food (grilled swordfish and shrimp for me, mmmmm) and good company, though I am not sure I was successful in convincing my friend's mother to vote for Obama. Then I came home and tried to take Adam to his tennis lesson, but a new session started this week and although I had been under the impression from the instructor last week that they were going to give priority to kids already in the class, it was already full and they wouldn't let him sign up! Arrgh. Then I came home to the news that David Tennant is going to leave Doctor Who after the specials next year...something about which I am fairly ambivalent, as I thought I would never want to watch Eccleston's successor, so I am certainly willing to give Tennant's a chance, but my friends are in mourning.

A pair of grotesques on National Cathedral -- one of the stone carvers leering at the schoolgirls below while the Dean glares, aghast.

These two are a robot and a "camera" aimed at the Russian Embassy.

Monkey and goat grotesques.

Gargoyles "Balancing Act," an elephant balancing a book on his head -- and "Devilish Gardener."

Dove and owl grotesques.

Gargoyles "Tom, Tom the Piper's Son" (stealing a pig) and "Rabbit/Snake" (I think the snake is winning).

The Grandsons -- one with intact halo and toy wagon, the other with broken halo and stolen cookie jar.

The sculptor who was meant to carve grotesques on this gable died in a tragic accident. They have been left unadorned in honor of him.

Spent the evening watching Pushing Daisies -- look, I already know I'm voting for Obama, I've spent a lot of this week extolling his virtues and shooting down rumors to other local Jews -- the campaign has called me twice today to ask if I can do that on their phone banks, even though I already said I'd make calls to Jewish voters in Virginia and Ohio -- frankly, I needed a break from what is, at the core, still a political performance. Besides, Pushing Daisies may be gone before Bush is. This wasn't one of my favorites, though I adore Ned's twin geek brothers and I'm delighted for Emerson that he got a brief romance. I want Charlotte's aunts to appear more often! Still, what other show would have dialogue like, "Do you ever shiver when you pee? That's how I felt when he spoke." And then another character saying later that something would give her "the piss jitters." Hee!

I should say something about the Series, huh? How 'bout them Phillies? And then I did watch Obama, on Jon Stewart. "Will it annoy us, or will we like it?" Oh, thank you, Jon! Who also asked Obama whether he's an elitist Muslim terrorist-sympathizer socialist Marxist witch -- "If you do win, is that a mandate for socialism in this country?" And Obama saying his being on Stewart's program is further evidence of these tendencies, and claiming he's in therapy to make sure he can vote for himself, all the while getting policy points in between the humor...oh, well done.

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