Monday, November 29, 2010


My evening has sucked even more than the Redskins' because apparently Comcast picked tonight -- a few hours before Cyber Monday -- to upgrade their DNS servers, with the result that thousands of customers all over the East Coast have no working internet. I'm sending this via AOL dial-up, and I just need to mention that for all the dissing that AOL has taken from people I know, I have never had a problem dialing in when I've been desperate anywhere in the US, Canada, or England.

Had a lovely day at Mount Vernon with Dementordelta -- saw the Christmas camel Aladdin, the Thanksgiving turkey that President Obama pardoned, and the open third floor of the mansion which is closed 11 months of the year because there's so little space for tour groups (it's where Martha Washington lived after her husband's death). Proper report and photos tomorrow, Comcast willing. I'm glad the Ravens managed not to lose. Saw a tweet that suggested Leslie Nielsen had died -- really hope it's not true.

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