Saturday, March 26, 2011

Poem for Saturday, National Farm, Insurrection, Damned United

The Search
By Shel Silverstein

I went to find the pot of gold
That's waiting where the rainbow ends.
I searched and searched and searched and searched
And searched and searched, and then --
There it was, deep in the grass,
Under an old and twisty bough.
It's mine, it's mine, it's mine at last...
What do I search for now?


It was a cool and overcast Friday, not that I am complaining -- I do reserve the right to complain on Sunday, however, since we are supposed to get snow. Snow! During the Cherry Blossom Festival! This is not right. I am not sure what our weekend schedule will be, since it is contingent on both the weather and Daniel's robotics schedule -- he missed dinner with us entirely tonight, since he decided to stay for the social at the DC FIRST robotics regional competition. We want to get downtown and see the cherry blossoms but between the marathon, the robotics events, and the weather forecast, I have no idea what will happen.

I posted my review of Star Trek: Insurrection, my favorite of the TNG movies, and those of us not at robotics had dinner with my parents, who had a birthday cake for Paul (triple chocolate mousse, mmmmm). The Damned United was on cable, so even though I know next to nothing about UK football, we watched it...I had some trouble following the teams' triumphs and failures especially given the time jumps, but the final scene between Michael Sheen and Timothy Spall -- oops, I mean between Brian Clough and Peter Taylor -- made up for everything. Also, Colm Meaney is a delight, as is the entire cast really.

The Friday Five: Memories
1. What smell brings you a fond memory?
Slightly burnt lunch truck food. You couldn't pay me to eat it, but it reminds me of walking up 34th Street in Philadelphia in college.
2. What song makes you nostalgic? Hundreds of songs make me nostalgic. Tonight it's Marc Cohn's "Walk On Water" because it was on my mp3 player earlier -- that is a spring in Chicago song for me.
3. What taste reminds you of school? Canned tomato soup, which we used to get on plastic school lunch trays with grilled cheese sandwiches made on Wonder Bread (I once got one of the stickers cooked in my sandwich).
4. Which season makes you remember the most things in your past? Autumn. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.
5. Which memory do you treasure? ONE memory? I don't know whether to choose my wedding or the birth of my younger son; the birth of my older son is something of a blur since they gave me way too much Demerol.

National Colonial Farm Animals:

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