Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Greetings from Kill Devil Hills

Everything about my Tuesday in the Outer Banks with my family and Dementordelta was fabulous except my internet connection, which is total crap so this must be a quickie (and I know I owe many comments/replies but I haven't been able to read most journals let alone reply to comments in my own). We got up and went to the beach, where there were lots of little jumping fish as well as all the other usual beach life. Then we went to Fort Raleigh in Roanoke, where we had a picnic, watched the movie about the lost colony, and walked to the reproduction fort (which had skinks).

Later in the afternoon we went to the North Carolina Aquarium in Roanoke Island -- there are two other branches elsewhere near NC beaches -- where we saw otters, rays, sharks, a rescued sea turtle baby, snakes, toads, and many fish. We went out for ice cream and walked over to see the Elizabeth II docked in Manteo, then stopped at a big beach store to replace our stolen flip-flops (and bought pirate souvenirs). We went to the beach again late in the afternoon till well past dinnertime, then had Indian food in our hotel room and watched Creation, which was quite sad but I thought Paul Bettany was terrific in it.

Between the hotel wi-fi and LiveJournal still being slow as crap, I couldn't upload photos there. Here are a few I got onto my web site:

My family in the recreation of the Roanoke fort at Fort Raleigh.

My kids by the marker in honor of Raleigh's lost colony and the birth of Virginia Dare.

Here I am with Queen Elizabeth inside the visitor center.

Delta and I inside a shark's mouth -- well, a late shark's mouth -- at the North Carolina Aquarium.

Younger son greets a snake at the aquarium.

Pelicans at sunset over the beach near our hotel.

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