Monday, November 28, 2011

Poem for Monday and Great Falls

Garden of Bees
By Matthew Rohrer

The narcissus grows past
the towers. Eight gypsy
sisters spread their wings
in the garden. Their gold teeth
are unnerving. Every single
baby is asleep. They want
a little money and I give
them less. I'm charming and
handsome. They take my pen.
I buy the poem from the garden
of bees for one euro. A touch
on the arm. A mystery word.
The sky has two faces.
For reasons unaccountable
my hand trembles.
In Roman times if they were
horrified of bees they kept it secret


Adam got up early to go to church with his girlfriend and Daniel slept nearly till noon, so Paul and I spent the morning reading and going over some work on the computer. After lunch we took both kids to Great Falls, which had a lot of people because of the gorgeous weather -- hit 70 degrees for the second day in a row, and the Potomac River was gloriously high -- but we had the steep rocky path mostly to ourselves once we got off the Olmsted Island bridges and we saw the most vultures I have ever seen in one place in my life circling over the river. I am sure the Redskins won because we weren't paying attention.

My parents joined us for dinner -- at Daniel's request, we brought in pizza -- then Adam's friend joined us to drive Daniel back to school and help carry his computer and clothes up four flights of stairs. We missed Once Upon a Time, but I watched A Thousand Acres which I hadn't seen since the film was made. King Lear is not my favorite play, but I am not terribly fond of this retelling, and in my defense I would like to announce that I did not know who Colin Firth was when the film was new -- I watched it for Michelle Pfeiffer and Jessica Lange -- the acting is great, but it's a pretty grim movie.

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