Thursday, March 08, 2012

Poem for Thursday and Mount Vernon Sheep

By Dante Micheaux

for Ishion Hutchinson

The thing about entertaining them,
about keeping their company,
about fraternizing,
is you must remember
they are bloodless
and have many faces,
though it’s easy enough
to walk in sunlight,
where either you or they
become invisible,
never together seen;
easy to get in bed with them,
to bed them,
to be seduced by them—
listing in their own dominance.
Remember what makes one human,
animal, is not the high road
but the baseness in the heart,
the knowledge that they could,
at any moment, betray you.


Adam went to bed feeling completely awful last night and woke up feeling pretty awful today, so he stayed home from school. We had a quiet morning eating cereal and soup and watching Star Trek: Voyager while I was folding laundry (don't blame me, he wanted to see the episode where Paris and Janeway turn into lizards and I could not come up with a good way to talk him out of this). I do not believe that I have made a fan out of him, but that really is not devastating me.

I didn't get out much -- just to take a walk, since it was a gorgeous 60-degree late afternoon. We had soup and cheese for dinner, figuring that would be easy for son to swallow, then we watched the first two episodes of the Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy miniseries. The cast is not as good looking as the movie version but it's all great acting and I like the slower pace of the dialogue, which makes it easier to absorb on a single viewing. Now Cecile Richards is rocking on The Daily Show and here are some of Mount Vernon's sheep:

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