Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Placeholder for Tuesday

We spent the last day of spring break in Richmond, where we once again had ridiculously beautiful weather though we are starting to worry about the lack of any noticeable rain for weeks. We met Cheryl at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, where we went to see the visiting exhibitions on French postwar photography and tomb sculptures from the Court of Burgundy, plus the fabulous permanent art deco and art nouveau collections and some of the modern art.

We had lunch at the VMFA's cafe, then went to the Lewis Ginter Bontanic Garden, which currently has orchids in the conservatory and tulips in many places on the grounds, plus lots of azaleas and peonies; we also saw many birds, a goose on a nest, turtles, caterpillars and inchworms, bees, and a stuffed Easter bunny. We met Lin for dinner at Mexico, our favorite Richmond restaurant, after driving through pretty neighborhoods full of flowers! A couple of photos, more later in the week:

A bed of tulips and daffodils at Lewis Ginter Botanic Garden.

A Georges Fouquet brooch in the art nouveau collection at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.


Anonymous said...

So looking forward to our botanical gardens opening in the Berkshires May 1. They have a terrific plant sale as well the second week of May. Hope to make it and add some joy to my summer garden! Thanks for the posts. I enjoy this blog and have added it to my page for others to share as well.

Michelle Erica Green said...

Most welcome -- our flowers will probably be gone by May 1, the azaleas are as early as the cherry blossoms this year, hope yours are lovely!