Saturday, April 28, 2012

Poem for Saturday and Fuzzy Goslings

We Dogs of a Thursday Off
By Alberto Ríos

The wine of uncharted days,
Their unsteady stance against the working world,

The intense intoxication of nothing to be done,
A day off,

The dance of the big-hearted dog
In us, freed into a sudden green, an immense field:

Off we go, more run than care, more dance—
If a polka could be done not in a room but straight

Ahead, into the beautiful distance, the booming
Sound of the phonograph weakening, but our legs

Getting stronger with their bounding practice:
This day, that feeling, drunkenness

Born of indecision, lack of focus, but everything
Forgiven: Today is a day exposed for what it is,

A workday suddenly turned over on its back,
Hoping to be rubbed.


We had gorgeous weather on Friday, I suppose to make up for the rain we're supposed to have Saturday. I had a whole boatload of work to do, including a review of Deep Space Nine's not-very-impressive "Second Sight", but I managed to get in a walk and see chipmunks.

While Adam was doing tech at school in the evening, my parents took us out to Plaza Azteca for dinner since their original plan was to go visit my great aunt, but she was exhausted and resting. We watched this week's Nikita, then some baseball until Adam came home and requested some Arrested Development, so I am giggling.

Here are a few more photos of the goslings at Lake Whetstone:


Anonymous said...

The babies are getting big already!

Michelle Erica Green said...

It's very quick! No feathers yet though!