Monday, June 25, 2012

Poem for Monday and Turkey Run Toads

By Marjorie Welish

The poet redirected my likeness.

She said, "Not his decadence, which is a question."
"Time," she said, declining his epidemic.
                                              As if serrated,
initiatives lost modernity: aura reared up
although bracketing pages in comparative matters.
                                                          "What time is it?"
Which is a question.
                      As if serrated,
"as if" bracketing pages.

And time again, the timing of a wrecking ball—
                                                      Which is an overture.


My Sunday involved many toads. This is because after lunch we went to Turkey Run Park in Virginia to walk along the river and see the little waterfalls, and there were many toads in the woods near the water. It was a fairly hot and sticky day even in the shade, but there was a breeze near the water and lots of lovely lush greenery.

We had brunch for dinner since we'd had a rushed breakfast -- pancakes, veggie sausage, eggs, etc. Then we watched several episodes of first season Relic Hunter, including "The Last Knight" -- the Templar one Hugh Dancy was in -- and "Possessed" -- the vampire one Jonathan Firth is in (he looks just like Colin circa Lost Empires).

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