Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poem for Wednesday and Sailabration Ships

The Surprise
By Lola Haskins

                 St. Augustine

Light shafts down on
the assembled congregation of sails

billows my shirt      sends me to where thin countries
stretch like needles    to a low and distant shore

from which    suddenly     canoes appear


I got up very early Tuesday to take Adam to get his wisdom teeth removed before they could become impacted and wreck thousands of dollars in orthodontic work. Adam was quite calm, had an uneventful extraction, and came out of the surgery absolutely stoned on laughing gas -- for fifteen minutes I was the biggest comedian in the history of the world, everything I did and said was hilarious. When he could walk, we came home and he was quite sleepy for a while before his friend came over and they played video games; meanwhile, my father took Daniel out to lunch and to play miniature golf.

Adam has been dozing on the couch most of the evening, since he has to rest as vertically as possible -- we all had soup for dinner since he can't have anything chewable -- so since the lights were out in the living room, I spent a quiet evening in the dining room rearranging Pinterest boards and looking up missing attributions on pins from my first weeks on the site. Here are some more photos of the tall ships at Baltimore's Star-Spangled Sailabration from last weekend, now that most of them have moved on to other ports:


Anonymous said...

Loved the photos. What an event this must have been to see in person! Good luck to Adam as he heals. gin

Michelle Erica Green said...

Thank you! He is apparently feeling much better today, as the shouting over video games with his brother has hardly let up. :p They have a Sailabration every few years -- we went to the one in 2004 and again in 2008 -- but this one was huge because of the War of 1812 events!