Saturday, November 30, 2013

Placeholder for Saturday

My day in representative photos, since we didn't get home till after 10 to our poor neglected cats and I'm still completely behind on email and everything else:

Though we all woke up half in food comas, even the cats who did not, technically, eat Thanksgiving dinner...

...we had to take Adam for some medical tests for his sports injuries. There was frost on the windows when we left.

After lunch, we went to see Catching Fire since I was the only one in my immediate family who had seen it. We stepped outside after getting tickets to see Washingtonian Lake with seagulls standing on ice patches.

Then we went into the insanely crowded movie theater -- looked like Frozen was doing a healthy business too.

After the movie we went to my parents' for leftovers with my sister's family. I had to run Adam home between dinner and dessert so he could walk the neighbor's dog, then we came back for more food.

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