Friday, January 27, 2017

Poem for Friday and Brookside in Summer

Elegy for a Year
By Joseph Fasano

Before I watched you die, I watched the dying
falter, their hearts curled and purring in them

like kitfoxes asleep
beside their shadows, their eyes pawed out by the trouble

of their hunger. I was
humbling, Lord, like the taxidermist’s

apprentice. I said
yes, and amen, like the monk brushing

the barley from the vealcalf's
withers, the heft of it

as it leans against his cilice.
Winter, I have watched the lost

lie down among their bodies, clarified
as the birdsong

they have hymned of.
I have heard the earth sing longer than the song.

Come, I said, come
summer, come

after: you were the bull-elk in the moonlight
of my threshold, knocking off the mosses from its antlers

before it backed away, bewildered, into foliage.
You were thin-ribbed, were hawk-

scarred, were few.
Yes, amen, before I heard you giving up

your singing, you were something stumbling hunted
to my open door; you were thinning with the milkweed

of the river. Winter, Wintering, listen: I think of you
long gone now

through the valley, scissoring
your ancient way

through the pitch pines. Not waiting, but the great elk
in the dark door. Not ravens

where they stay, awhile, in furor,
but the lost thing backing out

among the saplings, dancing off the madness
of its antlers. Not stone, not cold

stone, but fire. The wild thing, musk-blooded, at my open
door, wakening and wakening and

wakening, migrations
in the blindness of its wild eyes,

saying Look at them, look at how they have to.
Do something with the wildness that confounds you.


Fasano tells that he wanted to "speak, after some months of silence, directly to the particularly tumultuous year that had passed, as though it were some strange wild thing that had paid its visit."

It was not as warm on Thursday as it was on Wednesday, but it was still a good day for getting out. I got to take a long walk, and I also spent a long time at Target with Maddy, where she was getting everything from school supplies to clothing to bathroom decorations while I was getting valentines and shoes with memory foam. Meanwhile Paul had lunch with a former co-worker to discuss possible job leads.

Since we are now caught up, we watched the new Nashville, which had a lot of WTF stuff going on that did not line up the way I thought it was going to, and we were finally up to the Bones wedding episode, which was sweet but I see why a lot of people thought it was a letdown based on what Brennan always said she believed. Here are outdoor flowers from last summer at Brookside, since I need some cheer:

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