Sunday, January 08, 2017

Poem for Sunday and Cat Sprawl

By Frederick Seidel

Snow is what it does.
It falls and it stays and it goes.
It melts and it is here somewhere.
We all will get there.


We woke up to snow! So we were not in a hurry to get moving in the morning. Christine was coming to the area and offered Adam a ride, but because of the snow and her parents' schedule, his expected noon departure got pushed to late afternoon until right before we had to take Maddy to work. We watched most of the FCS championship between JMU and the Youngstown State Penguins, and when Adam arrived we watched some of the Raiders-Texans game.

We ate pepper jack soup and fried stuff for dinner (fake chicken, macaroni-on-a-stick, tater tots), then we hung out and watched the Seattle-Detroit game. Niece just got home from work, which apparently was crazy because it's too cold out for people to do anything besides go to the movies! Since we've all been sharing the couches and having to smush in together, here is Katniss having no respect for Cinnamon's personal space (or anyone else's):

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