Monday, October 09, 2017

Greetings from Home

We were going to drive straight home on Sunday morning, since we had lots of chores to do and we're going to be back in New York soon for Larry's funeral. But since we were so close to Coney Island, we decided to stop and see the beachfront, and then we decided to go to the New York Aquarium which we had last visited before Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed several buildings and required the relocation of many animals. The aquarium is still in the middle of rebuilding, so there isn't as much to see, but there are still penguins and marine mammals in the outdoor tanks and lots of fish inside:

We had lunch at Surf City Pizzeria, which is right across the street from the famous Cyclone roller coaster and the Wild River log flume, though the amusement park was relatively empty since it rained on and off all morning. It rained on and off while we drove home as well, with one stop at the Delaware House to get drinks and cough medicine since I have developed a horrible head cold that I'm hoping I didn't give the rest of my family the way Adam gave it to me. We had soup for dinner and watched Madam Secretary, though I am too tired to say anything coherent about it -- more tomorrow.








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