Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Poem for Tuesday and Philly Zoo Penguins

in the meadow magenta
By Cynthia Hogue

    (reading Robert Duncan in Haldon Forest)

bloom looks
like lupine from afar
but up close the small bell-
like flowers of wild hollyhock

        the holy that forth
        came that must

come mystery
of frond fern
gorse a magic
to which I

        relate to
        land of hillock and

bolder the grayer
sky and wood
the straight flat One
between them barred

        by the bushy Scots pine
        medicinal veridian of ever-

green which though
gossip rumor spell
or chance change us
is not changed


Monday was about chores. I won't bother to report on them. It was overcast all day and drizzled on and off, but I got to take a walk and see the ongoing neighborhood azaleas and tulips. Since it was somewhat chilly, I had cats "helping" me type on and off all afternoon, by which I mean "blocking the keyboard." Plus Paul made quinoa peanut soup for dinner which was awesome.

We watched some baseball, then Warehouse 13, which continues to be excellent; I remember when that show was my guilty pleasure, then it turned into simple pleasure, and now I say unabashedly that it's my favorite genre show on television, with fantastic women and hilarious men. Here are some photos of the feeding of the penguins at the Philadelphia Zoo:

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