Sunday, December 08, 2013

Poem for Sunday, Sugarloaf Animals, Wolverine

Poem for Japan
By Matthew Zapruder

all day staying inside
listening to a podcast
discuss how particles
over the Pacific
might drift
I knew thinking
whenever cloud
scares me
I am not alone
my umbrella slept
in the closet
I placed a few nouns
in beautiful cages
then let them out
touched with my mind
the lucky cat
asleep in the deli
I always scratch
his head he slightly
raises to meet my hand
all over the remains
contaminated shadowmen
in blue suits that seem
ecclesiastical now
that science is
a religion crawl
the emperor
everyone has forgotten
is speaking
no one knows
how to be
loving and also
hope the wind
in a certain
and not another
direction will blow


Quickie because we were out with Adam till dinnertime and have spent all evening watching football and The Wolverine (plus we caught up on Thursday's Elementary, which we missed for The Sound of Music, and it's a good one, a different storytelling style). The Countryside Artisans winter tour is this weekend and next, so we went up to Art of Fire, which also has several other crafters visiting -- Allen Ye Printmaker and Dancing Pig Pottery from the Renfaire, jewelry makers, ornament crafters, and this year a local jam-and-jelly maker. Then we drove around the mountain to Sugarloaf Studio and Dancing Leaf Farm to see the yarn and jewelry, plus sheep, goats, horses, and cows on the farms along the way. Here are a few of the animals:

On the way home we stopped at the Montgomery Potters Ceramic Show in Garrett Park's town hall, where there's lots of beautiful inexpensive local pottery. Then we came home, ate vegetarian chili, checked in on the Florida State game, and watched The Wolverine in tandem with with whom I'd seen it in the theater. I really like this movie; I know people complain a lot about the insanity of the last third, but I love all the scenes in Japan, I love that it has several women who kick ass and have complicated relationships, I'm not particularly bugged by the dream-flashbacks. Plus I have the deleted scene at the end and the features I haven't had time to watch yet. Now we have to brace for the snow that's ruining my Sunday plans.


Gin G said...

Incredible poem today.

Michelle Erica Green said...

Isn't it great? I like how it encompasses both Hiroshima/Nagasaki and Fukishima. (Have only just realized the irony of posting that and watching 'The Wolverine' on Pearl Harbor anniversary...)

Gin G said...

I never thought of it being Dec. 7 either.