Saturday, August 22, 2015

Poem for Saturday, Projections, Ruthless People, Zoo

Manic Panic
By Marisa Crawford

Live fast
and dye your hair.

That’s what I wrote on my
Converse in 8th grade.

Maybe it was the way
the feeling pulled me

like a girl
pulling a ponytail.

Maybe I didn’t get the job
cause of the polka dots.

Maybe I don’t care
cause of the wave.

Today I’m blue.
Tomorrow I could be anywhere.

All these pop songs about dying young
like it’s gonna be so epic.

The only difference between 8th grade
and now is the blowing up

the use of color
& perspective.

Things that are with you
when you wake up

& you feel like
someone’s there.

Same rainbows
under her eyes

clouds floating in the air.


I spent Friday mostly working on a review of Voyager's much-better-than-I-had-remembered "Projections" and a Shutterfly book project. Adam went to power-wash my parents' deck and concrete, so he was out most of the afternoon. He came home briefly to clean up, then we all went to my parents' for dinner.

Since Adam had not seen Ruthless People and that's a movie we quote a lot (plus it was free On Demand), we watched that in the evening, missing most of the Orioles and Nationals blowing their games. Now the Rockies are blowing it! Some pics from the small mammal and bird houses at the National Zoo:

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