Saturday, April 08, 2017

Poem for Saturday and Basilica of Saint-Sernin

St. Vincent De Paul
By Rev. Dr. Cummings


A hymn to St. Vincent De Paul,
The Apostle of brotherly love!
He cared for the great and the small,
As sons of one Father above.
He taught men in luxury’s dome,
The wisdom that feareth the Lord;
He taught men in poverty’s dome,
That patience trusts in his word.
From parents by want driven wild,
From bye-ways for crime set apart,
He gathered the shivering child,
And placed it next his warm heart.
From snares but too artfully laid,
By bold men and bad men of earth,
He rescued the innocent maid,
And led her to honor and worth.
The floors of the dungeon he trod,
Mid cries of anguish and spite,
The smile of the servant of God
O’er hearts that were hopeless shed light.
He from the dark river hard by,
Drew back the poor victim of shame;
He bade her look up to the sky,
And hope in the all saving Name.
The Daughters of Vincent De Paul
Went forth on their mission of love,
They are Sisters to each one and all
Who are dear to Our Father above.
Whenever a crime or an ill
Dims the image and likeness Divine,
They are guided by Charity still,
To watch where the wretched decline.
What suffering of fallen mankind
Has Vincent passed by or forgot?
Where failed he with heart and wth mind
To better humanity’s lot?
Then love him, and pray God to send,
Your life may resemble his own;
See in each man a brother, a friend;
Love sinners, and hate sin alone.


Ugh, what I thought were bad allergies are indeed a cold. I did not sleep well and I felt crappy all day, so I did not get a lot accomplished apart from some photos uploads, a quick trip to the food store, and a swing through the park to see whether I could catch a shiny Magikarp (so far no luck). We had dinner with my parents, and the Orioles and Nationals both won. I did crop a few photos from February of Toulouse's Basilica of Saint-Sernin, including me with St. Vincent de Paul:

In the evening since it was Russell Crowe's birthday I convinced Paul and Cheryl to watch Robin Hood, which I love as much as ever. Yes, I know the screenplay has a lot of stupid elements and I can't stand the characterization of Eleanor of Aquitaine, but last time I saw it I didn't know who Oscar Isaac was so it was entertaining to see him, and Russell is awesome with Cate as well as with all the people singing on his new album.

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