Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Poem for Tuesday and Paramount Ranch

Cross Heart
By David Biespiel

I heard it on the radio,
A woman's voice saying,
I like for you to be
The space far away

Where poetry figures out
Why you are still
But not absent,
Why you can hear

From somewhere
What’s coming next.
But her voice could not touch
What had flown away.

Nor could she kiss
My mouth, though I repeat
What was understood
Each night and each day.


The first day back from a vacation is always something of a bummer, even when the weather was gorgeous like today and there were daffodils, forsythia, hyacinths, magnolias, and the earliest tulips open all over the neighborhood. I had a lot of laundry to deal with and a lot of unpacking/reorganizing. On the plus side, I got a lot of attention from the cats, even when our neighbor who stayed with them dropped by so we could thank her. At some point I'm sure I'll get caught up, like after I've bought a new laptop!

We watched the new Supergirl, which yet again was weirdly almost not about Supergirl, and the new Blindspot, which is a little all over the place but still has a lot of interesting women doing interesting things. We also caught up on Nashville, not a feminist masterpiece, and Madam Secretary, which has even more women doing interesting things and might be even more sneakily liberal than The West Wing. Here are some photos of Paramount Ranch, where Aquarius was setting up to film while we were visiting!

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