Friday, July 07, 2017

Poem for Friday, Deep Run Park, Versailles

No Swan So Fine
By Marianne Moore

"No water so still as the
dead fountains of Versailles." No swan,
with swart blind look askance
and gondoliering legs, so fine
as the chinz china one with fawn-
brown eyes and toothed gold
collar on to show whose bird it was.

Lodged in the Louis Fifteenth
candelabrum-tree of cockscomb-
tinted buttons, dahlias,
sea-urchins, and everlastings,
it perches on the branching foam
of polished sculptured
flowers--at ease and tall. The king is dead.


I went to Target on Thursday to get a bunch of things to organize various storage areas (in bathrooms, the laundry room, the kitchen) and spent the rest of the day organizing. So it was not an exciting afternoon but now I can get to all my hair stuff without causing an avalanche in my bathroom cabinet, nor can the cats knock over all the cleaning stuff.

We spent the evening watching several episodes of Versailles because it's such enjoyable crack and we're behind on Still Star-Crossed so we have to catch up on that. Shalini told me this week that I should warn people when I post a photo of a snake or a spider, so, spoiler alert, there is a snake in these photos from Deep Run Park:








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