Saturday, August 12, 2017

Poem for Saturday and Last of the Glass

Morgan's Curse
By Shel Silverstein

Followin’ the trail on the old treasure map,
I came to the spot that said, “Dig right here.”
And four feet down my spade struck wood
Just where the map said a chest would appear.
But carved in the side were written these words:
“A curse upon he who disturbs this gold.”
Signed, Morgan the Pirate, Scourge of the Seas.
I read these words and my blood ran cold.
So here I set upon untold wealth
Tryin’ to figure which is worse:
How much do I need this gold?
And how much do I need this curse?


Tomorrow morning we are leaving Rose in charge of our house and cats and going to see our L.A. relatives -- first my uncle and his family, then Paul's brother's family at our niece's wedding, then my cousins and their children. And Daniel is meeting us there so we have him the whole week!

So today involved a lot of laundry and packing, trips to the food store for cat food and Walgreens for sunblock, plus getting my hair cut and colored. We half-watched preseason football after dinner and now we're trying to figure out which devices to bring on the plane to watch movies on United's app.

Here is one last set of photos from the Chihuly exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens. Go see the glass before it moves elsewhere!








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