Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Poem for Wednesday and Hanover Horse Farms

Sort of Coping
By Farrah Field

Why is anyone in the world so terrible. Real catastrophe
and catastrophizing. If we only knew when it was going to happen.

I saw you put your hands on the floor. Intimacy without disturbances.
The scope here of memorization, planets. The history of children

sitting still. You are so cute in all your facebook photos.
When you moved to Portland I forgot we used to call you

Tumbleweed Tex. All those barking dogs, feathered hair.
We have something in common I never mention. I wish

I’d written it down and folded it into one of your piles
saying I want to read every one of these books! Do you think

you’ll have read them all before the end of time. Did you go in
to see her when she was dead. Maybe you already knew.


"'Sort of Coping' came out of a writing assignment," Field told "I was trying to compose a letter to Uriah Heep, David Copperfield’s antagonist, perhaps trying to address his terribleness, yet realizing what we have in common is loss."

Daniel tried to make plans to hang out with a friend on Tuesday, but sadly was not successful, though this was good news for me in that it meant that, after a short morning sojourn to catch a Moltres on my third try, I got to have lunch with him at California Tortilla and Baskin Robbins, then watch Joe vs. the Volcano with him while I folded laundry and he caught up with friends on Discord.

My parents came for dinner, bringing dessert with them (Paul made crab cakes for the seafood eaters and faux ribs for the vegetarians). After they went home, we all watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes since we thought the prequel was good and we've heard the sequel is great (Bechdel fail, which is stupid since a woman doctor treats a female patient). Hanover Shoe Farms and other Pennsylvania horses:








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