Sunday, December 07, 2003

Poem for Sunday

Beginning Speech
By Adonis

That child I was
came to me once
an unfamiliar face

He said nothing -- we walked
each glancing in silence at the other
One step
an alien river

Our common origins
   brought us together
and we separated
a forest written by the earth
and told by the seasons

Child that I once was, advance,
What now brings us together?
And what have we to say each other?


From this morning's Poet's Choice in The Washington Post by Edward Hirsch, on the anthology The Flag of Childhood compiled by Naomi Shihab Nye, whom, Hirsch says, "resolutely holds onto the upbeat, un-cynical notion that lyric poetry nourishes intimacy and fosters understanding, that human connections are more powerful and enduring than cultural differences. A high-spirited and indefatigable anthologist of work for preteens and young adults, Nye writes and edits with a cosmopolitan sensibility fueled by a pragmatic American optimism, which is one of our birthrights. 'We must remember,' she insists, 'that the one flag we all share is the beautiful flag of childhood that flies with hope in every country. This is the one flag we should work to serve no matter who we are or where we live.'"

My family is going to see That Movie this afternoon after elder son is home from Hebrew school. *tries and fails to restrain happy dance*

Meanwhile some entertainment. My beloved succumbed to begging and took some screen caps of Paul Bettany's lovely arse in A Knight's Tale, about whose first scene she quoted to me from the commentary Paul saying: "My entrance into the movie is indeed my entrance, if you take my meaning." And drew lovely, sad Hamster!Faramir missing his brother (don't cry Faramir, he is safe and sound and snuggling with Aragorn in the back corner!)

No cheating necessary, it was so obvious that I was meant to be:

Remus and Sirius
Which Harry Potter Characters Are You The Child Of?

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