Sunday, April 18, 2004

Warning: Dork!

So I am back from taking my son to his birthday party at Shadowlands, the laser tag place where a U.N.-type group of kids from their school, born on five different continents, ran around with laser guns and tried to exterminate one another. Someone please give me one reason why I should believe that this is a healthy outlet for aggression rather than teaching them all the wrong lessons?

Anyway, while he was shooting his friends and scoring points, I went over to the metaphysical bookstore and bought myself this green man which I have been coveting for months:

Then I went over to Michaels to get a picture frame for one of my son's Hebrew school projects and they had a whole display of unfinished wooden nautical ornaments and picture frames and lighthouses, and I bought -- no, really, dork! -- this sweet little wooden ship, for $1.99, which I suppose I could paint if I had any talent in that area whatsoever.

And then I came home to discover that the six boys who had been at my house when I left were down to two (my own two!) and things were much quieter, other than the one cat biting the other cat's ear because she wanted the empty Michaels bag I had tossed on the floor while taking out the picture frame, which led to much thundering across the living room. Now the offending bag has been thrown out and things are back to their usual state of chaos.

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