Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poem for Tuesday and Neighborhood Deer

Tintern Abbey Poem
By Julie Carr

First cold swims up rocks while water reveres smooth slopes
Vagrant trees, rolling seclusions-

Sporty murmurs of plot

Formed alone-a landscape houseless with din
almost suspended. My chastened lover

               elevated, haunted, and roaming

Subject: I: my meager met meagerly by

                          my grating future-years

My nature turns kissing:
                                                    a child-arm

Wild-eyed grey pastoral: let the moon

                                         prefigure death, not us


On Monday I went to get new eyeglasses, taking my new prescription for progressive lenses (I've never had them before) and trying on a bunch of different frames before picking a pair that's very similar to what I have now, which I like. I had asked about contact lenses but since most of my vision problems stem from astigmatism, not an inability to focus, my doctor said I likely wouldn't see as clearly with the contacts available. It turns out that it's going to take several days to get the right lenses, so I ran out to do some necessary shopping (including strapless bras -- found one that fit, whoo!) and some incidental purchases (penguin umbrella for younger son from Claire's, Orange Sapphire lotion sample for $1 from Bath & Body Works).

My new computer's memory card reader is supposed to be fixed on Tuesday -- at least, the tech says he'll be here between 10 a.m. and noon, yay! Tonight I did a bunch of work on the computer while watching the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, which had some fabulous moments and some cringe-worthy ones, as all awards shows do. I had been hoping to watch a movie but knew as soon as Phish showed up to introduce Genesis that we were going to be watching the ceremony all night. I did enjoy Green Day doing Iggy Pop, though I was a bit horrified to discover that my early adolescent crush Barry Gibb is an old man! I am sad that there will never be an ABBA reunion and Anni apparently doesn't sing any more, but Faith Hill sang there songs so much better than the cast of the film version of Mamma Mia that I really can't complain! Here are the deer that were hanging around yesterday evening:

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