Monday, August 05, 2013

Greetings from Kill Devil Hills

I am in the Outer Banks with my family and Cheryl, where we have terrible wireless but are otherwise having a wonderful time despite some traffic that made us arrive later than we'd originally planned. We met up at a rest stop south of Richmond and drove in two cars the rest of the way, heading out to the beach as soon as we checked in (the water is a bit chilly and the waves were rough approaching the full moon, but we found pelicans, sand crabs, and various types of sandpipers and seagulls). Then we came in for dinner in the hotel and headed out for Rita's ices and custard and the inevitable stop in Sunsations to look at hats, anklets, and beach clothing, after which we returned to the beach to see ghost crabs and the spectacle of the Milky Way in a moonless sky. A few photos:

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