Saturday, January 25, 2014

Poem for Saturday, Children of Time, Natural History, Ed Wood

Half-Hearted Sonnet
By Kim Addonizio

He'd left his belt. She
followed him and
threw it in the street.
Wine: kisses: snake: end

of their story. Be-
gin again, under-
stand what happened; de-
spite that battered

feeling, it will have been
worth it; better to
have etc…
(—not to have been born

at all— Schopenhauer.)
But, soft! Enter tears.


Friday was nearly as bitterly cold as Thursday. Since Adam had school that finally opened on time in the morning, I woke Daniel up early and dragged him out for a haircut before he goes back to College Park. Then he, Paul, and I had lunch together, and Paul took him to meet with the professor for whom he's this spring while I went to get Adam from track.

I wrote a review of Deep Space Nine's still-problematic "Children of Time", we had dinner with my parents, then we had a Johnny Depp double-header since Ed Wood was on (the kids hadn't seen it) and Sleepy Hollow (not my favorite version of the story, but something like 2/3 of the cast was in Harry Potter later on, and the women's roles aren't bad). From downtown several months ago:

The skeleton of an ancient penguin at the National Museum of Natural History...

...and fossilized creatures from the ancient seas.

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