Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Poem for Wednesday, Another Snow Day

The Guest
By Anna Akhmatova
Translated by Eric Gillan

The blizzard beats with snow
On my windows, as before.
I have not become new,
Yet a visitor is at my door.
I asked, "What do you want?"
"To be in hell with you."
I laughed, "Oh, you will spell
For both of us misfortune."
But, lifting his lean hand,
He lightly touched the flowers.
"Tell me, how are you kissed?
How do you kiss the others?"
His dull and watchful eyes
Stayed anchored on my ring.
A bitter glow lit his face,
Unmoving, lucid, still.
Oh, this I know. His joy
Is knowing, with passion,
There's nothing that he needs,
That I'll deny him nothing.


As predicted, we had snow all day. It was coming down very lightly when I got out of bed, but by the time I went to bring the garbage and recycling bins, there were big flakes coming down. So we were all at home most of the day, though Adam spent some time out in the snow with his friend Daniel and then playing Halo at Daniel's house. It would have been a perfect day for laundry and household chores, but we were too lazy for that. So while Adam was out, the rest of us tried to watch Prisoners, though it turned out that there was a glitch in our disc and obviously we couldn't go out and replace it in this weather!

So instead we watched On the Road, which I didn't like (and no, not because of Kristen Stewart -- the women's roles in general were horribly written and the sex scenes were actually boring). I didn't even watch the ending after we were interrupted by a phone call; I put on the Beauty and the Beast we missed during the Sleepy Hollow finale, on which I loved Cat ("This is my idea of being me again, separate from anybody else") but why is Tori being written as a whiny, desperate girl after such an independent beginning? Some snow day pics, including Adam shoveling the steps after dark; tomorrow, more of same!:

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