Thursday, December 21, 2017

Poem for Thursday and Lewis Ginter Conservatory

By Amy Lowell

The chatter of little people  
Breaks on my purpose
Like the water-drops which slowly wear the rocks to powder.
And while I laugh
My spirit crumbles at their teasing touch.


Wednesday was Maddy's birthday, so since Adam was home, we went out to brunch with her and Alice at Panera, then shopped at Five Below and TJ Maxx for various random things (power cables, fuzzy slippers, Pokemon socks, etc.). After Alice left, Adam and I dropped Maddy off at work, then came home and watched Life, which still feels like an Alien ripoff though it's very well acted.

We had veggie shawarma for dinner while Maddy was at work, then Adam went to meet her for dessert at the mall while Paul and I watched some more of the BBC's Doctor Who marathon, which is probably dorky because we own nearly all the episodes on DVD. We also set up our new Galaxy S8 phones! From Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, the train display and paper animals in the conservatory:









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