Saturday, January 05, 2013

Poem for Saturday, Winterthur, Explorers

My Beloved
By Rabia al Basri
Translation by Farid ud din Attar

My peace, O my brothers and sisters, is my solitude,
And my Beloved is with me always,
For His love I can find no substitute,
And His love is the test for me among mortal beings,
Whenever His Beauty I may contemplate,
He is my "mihrab", towards Him is my "qiblah"
If I die of love, before completing satisfaction,
Alas, for my anxiety in the world, alas for my distress,
O Healer (of souls) the heart feeds upon its desire,
The striving after union with Thee has healed my soul,
O my Joy and my Life abidingly,
You were the source of my life and from Thee also came my ecstasy.
I have separated myself from all created beings,
My hope is for union with Thee, for that is the goal of my desire


Paul worked from home and we spent a very thrilling morning waiting for the plumber to come fix our upstairs toilet, which broke late last night (refusing to flush, making noises like it was refilling the tank every few minutes). Fortunately they arrived fairly quickly and fixed everything fairly painlessly. So I didn't get out for any excitement beyond a walk, though I did finish and post my review of Deep Space Nine's "Explorers".

In other news, I went wandering at dusk looking for bunnies, finally delivered my 2013 mini-calendar, we had dinner with my parents, then we came home and Adam's friend came over with awesome Nestle Cocosette bars, which I have no idea where to buy in the U.S. Now we're watching the Cotton Bowl, which I only discovered tonight is no longer played in the Cotton Bowl stadium, ending my major reason for watching -- I don't really care if Texas A&M beats Oklahoma! Here are some photos from Winterthur last weekend:

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