Saturday, October 19, 2013

Placeholder for Saturday

I've been talking to Adam about his essay for his Early Decision school and lost track of the time so will keep this short. Apart from lunch with Paul who worked from home and dinner with my parents who had awesome pumpkin soup and pumpkin ravioli at their house, the memorable moments of my day involved posting a review of Deep Space Nine's terrific "The Rapture" and picking up Adam(who had a half day of school) from a cross country luncheon to go hiking at Meadowside Nature Center in Rock Creek Park. More tomorrow!


Gin G said...

Beautiful shot. What a nice place to hike. I get so focused on the mundane medical world around here I forget we have three lakes right here! I have to get out and walk more. Goal for today! Enjoy your weekend. Gin

Michelle Erica Green said...

I hope you manage to get out and enjoy the fall. We had another gorgeous day here -- overcast but only a bit of drizzle and the leaves remain gorgeous! Hope you are enjoying your weekend too.