Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Poem for Tuesday and Caprikorn Goats

Wild Rose
By Bryher

O wild rose, bend above my face!
There is no world--
Only the beat of your throat against my eyes.

White moss is harsh
Against these soft white petals of your feet.
It is hard to dream you have followed the wild goats
Aslant the perilous hills.

I have only the fire of my heart to offer you,
O peach-red lily of my love!


I am loving this autumn weather -- today it was low 60s, clear, sunny, gorgeous. I threw in laundries and went out to do chores at local stores, where I was horrified to discover that Halloween merchandise is already being pulled to put Christmas stuff on the shelves. I could understand if it was Chanukah stuff, given that Chanukah this year arrives on Thanksgiving so we have to do our shopping long before Black Friday, but as much as I like North Pole penguins entertaining Santa...okay, never mind, there is too much Christmas merchandise, period. And I love Halloween; I love having a fall celebration of the imagination.

Adam is pretty much finished with all his early applications and got a high school captain's lanyard since he is now a captain of the cross country team, plus my parents got him some ultra-slim fit shirts while outlet shopping over the weekend, so he had a very good day. Mine was not very eventful apart from the chores and enjoying the weather -- I can't tell if we have fewer bunnies or they are just harder to spot among the leaves. Since Sleepy Hollow was a rerun, we watched Beauty and the Beast, which was much better than last week's. Here are some pictures of us having fun with Caprikorn Farm's goats:

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