Saturday, June 07, 2014

Poem for Saturday, One Little Ship, Non-Stop, Flowers

Holding Pattern
By Timothy Liu

Intermittent wet under

cloud cover, dry
where you are. All day
this rain without

you--so many planes
above the cloud line
carrying strangers
either closer or  

farther away from
one another while
you and I remain
grounded. Are we  

moving anyway
towards something
finer that what the day
might bring or is this  

an illusion, a stay
against everything
unforeseen--tiny bottles
clinking as the carts  

make their way down
the narrow aisle
no matter what
class we find ourselves  

seated in, your voice
the captain's voice
even if the masks
do not inflate  

and there's no one
here to help me
put mine on first--
my head cradled  

between your knees.


I had a nice Friday but for some reason I am completely disorganized this evening -- I mean, it's my own fault because we were watching Non-Stop, which it's hard to look away from to putter on the computer because you're looking for clues and hints about what's going to happen. On the one hand, I did not really like the resolution to the whodunit, but on the other hand, I did not see it coming at all, so I guess that's good, and the women's roles were better than average for an action film.

Earlier I wrote a review of Deep Space Nine's "One Little Ship" (crack premise, good execution), then we went to retrieve Daniel from College Park for weekend driving. I saw all three of the baby bunnies in my shorter-than-usual walk. We had dinner with my parents -- outdoor barbecue since the weather was gorgeous, plus brownies for dessert. Here are some random flower photos, since that's all I am organized enough to find right now!

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