Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Poem for Wednesday and Korean Bell Garden

The Poster Girl's Defence
By Carolyn Wells

It was an Artless Poster Girl pinned up against my wall,
She was tremendous ugly, she was exceeding tall;
I was gazing at her idly, and I think I must have slept,
For that poster maiden lifted up her poster voice, and wept.

She said between her poster sobs, 'I think it's rather rough
To be jeered and fleered and flouted, and I've stood it long enough;
I'm tired of being quoted as a Fright and Fad and Freak,
And I take this opportunity my poster mind to speak.

'Although my hair is carmine and my nose is edged with blue,
Although my style is splashy and my shade effects are few,
Although I'm out of drawing and my back hair is a show,
Yet I have n't half the whimseys of the maidens that you know.

'I never keep you waiting while I prink before the glass,
I never talk such twaddle as that little Dawson lass,
I never paint on china, nor erotic novels write,
And I never have recited "Curfew must not ring tonight".

'I don't rave over Ibsen, I never, never flirt,
I never wear a shirt waist with a disconnected skirt;
I never speak in public on "The Suffrage", or "The Race",
I never talk while playing whist, or trump my partner's ace.'

I said: 'O artless Poster Girl, you're in the right of it,
You are a joy forever, though a thing of beauty, nit!'
And from her madder eyebrows to her utmost purple swirl,
Against all captious critics I'll defend the Poster Girl.


I spent a great deal of this rainy Tuesday cleaning things in the kitchen that had not been cleaned literally for years, so that I could then give a bunch of them away and rearrange what was left, a necessary step in the ongoing dining room table rehabilitation project. Adam went shopping with my mother and got stuck in atrocious traffic in Virginia, so he got home at the same time Paul did; we had leftover Chinese and Thai food from the night before for dinner.

Adam went out with friends while the rest of us watched the MLB All-Star Game, though we switched over to The Daily Show to see Hillary Clinton, who sounds more than ever like she's running for president. I am too pissed off at the internet to spend any more time on it -- the situation in the Middle East is bad enough without people posting false information. Here are pictures of the Korean Bell Garden at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, which I keep forgetting to post:

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