Saturday, December 27, 2014

Poem for Saturday, Washingtonian, Divergent

Hand Grenade Bag
By Henri Cole

This well-used little bag is just the right size
to carry a copy of the Psalms. Its plain-woven
flowers and helicopter share the sky with bombs
falling like turnips—he who makes light of other
men will be killed by a turnip. A bachelor,
I wear it across my shoulder—it’s easier to be
a bachelor all my life than a widow for a day.
On the bag’s face, two black shapes appear
to be crows—be guided by the crow and you
will come to a body—though they are
military aircraft. A man who needs fire
will soon enough hold it in his hands.


We're watching Divergent right now, which I must admit I like even less than I liked Twilight. In the latter, I didn't much like the characters' motivations a lot of the time, but at least I had some clue what they were, whereas in Divergent, they don't even have actual personalities. Perhaps I was spoiled yesterday by The Imitation Game, but in fairness I'd rather watch The Battle of the Five Armies again than Divergent even if the latter passes the Bechdel test.

We had a fairly quiet cleaning-up-stuff family day until late afternoon, when we went out to meet Kay and Chris and their kids at Guapo's for dinner (I had enchiladas and at least three hundred chips with salsa). She brought us Christmas cookies for dessert! I dragged everyone to Charming Charlie because I'd seen an ad that their holiday items were 50-75% off and I really wanted the snowflake bracelet -- got the last one! Here we are looking at the holiday displays:

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