Friday, June 05, 2015

Poem for Friday and Washingtonian Wildlife

Here City
By Rick Snyder

The sounds
of the train

piped in
through the
PA system.

The whole city
slightly askew

but familiar
in its shadows,

its symmetrical brick,
its dry hot breeze

and its lack
of pedestrians,

save you.


The blinking message said:

More alcohol
is needed

to achieve
escape velocity


The salutations and styles
erupting on the top
few stairs,

where service
is mercifully restored
and the world resumes

its tangents and vectors,
terrific possibilities
processed by objects

as small and dark
as the eyes of a starling,
constantly soaking up data

and sending it back to Seattle,
which sells it to Tokyo,
which sells it

to someplace else


Quickie as I am leaving for Seattle at an appalling hour of the morning so we can find Daniel an apartment out there! My day mostly involved work and shopping for the trip (awesome inexpensive walking shoes), then dinner, packing, and watching Joe vs. the Volcano which traveling west always makes me want to watch -- a guilty pleasure but a very great one. I apologize for my inattentiveness on LiveJournal and Facebook -- I have just been swamped, I will be much better later in the summer! Here are some photos of the wildlife at Washingtonian Lake!

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