Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Poem for Wednesday and National Geographic Monster Fish

Let's Get Out of Here
By Corey Zeller

The river is a fish
and my tongue
is white paper
you draw
your hand on
and the sounds
keys make
on the waist
of a janitor
in an empty building
on the night of your birth
when the moon was
a live bird pinned
to a girl's chest
and the color
of a beat-up door
that hides a paint chipped
life where we lick the throats
of passing trains
and wear bright pills
over our faces
like ghost masks
and move the tiny ghosts
that live in us
like dominos.


Having had a week of vacation (and having plans to go to Seattle on Friday), I spent all day Tuesday doing work and chores and must do the same on Wednesday. So it was not an exciting day, apart from taking a walk in the rain and despite it being a short walk due to the weather, seeing six bunnies within two cul-de-sacs! In good news, the laundry is folded, the doctors' appointments have been made, and Adam and his girlfriend seem to be happy with their summer classes.

Plus I got to watch The Kids Are All Right with the awesome Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, Josh Hutcherson, and -- what, no, I don't have a Mark Ruffalo problem any more than I have a Tony Stark problem! I do have some significant issues with the gender politics in the movie, particularly the scapegoating, but it was worth watching again anyway. Some pics from the Monster Fish exhibit at the National Geographic museum with Cheryl on Sunday:

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