Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Poem for Wednesday and Chihuly Museum

Watch the Film You Paid to See
By Todd Colby

In my bedroom my weight is three times more
than what I’d weigh on Jupiter.
If your kitchen was on Mercury I’d be heavier by half
of you while sitting at your table.
On Uranus, a quarter of my weight is meat,
or an awareness of myself as flesh.
On Venus the light would produce a real volume around me
that would make me look happy in photographs.
This is how it is with quantity in any life. It’s a fact
that on certain planets I’d actually be able to mount
the stairs four at a time. Think of the most beautiful horse
in the world: a ridiculously beautiful golden horse,
with a shimmering coat; it would weigh no more
than an empty handbag on Mars. You need
to get real about these things.


Tuesday was a chore day and of course I am not caught up on anything -- not laundry, not email, not photos -- okay, I did not let myself get behind on work, and I saw six bunnies while going to take my neighbor the jam her daughter in Seattle sent home for her!

Plus we caught up on Orphan Black, since that is the drama we can least bear to miss, and John Oliver, who never fails to make us laugh. These photos are from the spectacular Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum in the shadow of the Space Needle in Seattle:

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