Monday, November 16, 2015

Poem for Monday and Great Falls in Fall

Do What Now
By Mike Young

for ET

We are things embarrassing, strange, and hang around
feeling everything things, things, considering beautiful
that which does not consider anything. Are we? Strange
and hang embarrassing, things around, beautiful
feelings. Consider everything. That which considers
we are. Feeling feeling, not beautiful. Hanging things.
Everything we are, strange, which does not feel. Strange,
that which hangs around feeling. Consider beautiful
embarrassing anything. Which thing? That thing thing.
We hang around embarrassing our strange everything.
Consider feeling. Are we? Beautiful everything, we that
does and does not. Hang strange, things, things feel.
We are. Everything feels that strange which feels.
Everything that strange which feels. That strange
everything. Which feels. That strange beautiful
anything which feels strange and embarrassing.
Are we? That hanging strange and everything which
feels considers that we feel, things, hangs, things
and feeling everything we are. Oh and not who.


It was even warmer and sunnier on Sunday than on Saturday, though we spent the morning mostly indoors with cats after borrowing a large cage from younger son's friend Jamie, who sometimes fosters kittens and had visited when the kittens were first here bottle-feeding. We kept the kittens in the living room a couple of times today so that they could get used to being there and our cats could get used to having them, although Daisy is still growling.

Since it was likely my last chance to wear shorts outdoors this year, we went to Great Falls after lunch, walking a couple of miles down the towpath, though the leaves are mostly gone (see photos). Then we had crock pot chili for dinner, watched some football -- this is a very weird season, DC played well while Baltimore blew it -- and played with kittens some more during Madam Secretary and John Oliver mocking the British Museum's colonial plundering.

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