Monday, November 30, 2015

Poem for Monday and Weekend End

The Kitty
By Elizabeth Prentiss

Once there was a little kitty
Whiter than snow;
In a barn she used to frolic,
Long time ago.

In the barn a little mousie
Ran to and fro:
For she heard the kitty coming,
Long time ago.

Two eyes had little kitty.
Black as a shoe;
And they spied the little mousie,
Long time ago.

Four paws had little kitty,
Paws soft as dough,
And they caught the little mousie,
Long time ago.

Nine teeth had little kitty,
All in a row;
And they bit the little mousie,
Long time ago.

When the teeth bit little mousie,
Little mouse cried "Oh!"
But she got away from kitty,
Long time ago.


Regretfully, Thanksgiving weekend is over and both our sons have been redelivered to Seattle and College Park respectively. We took Daniel to the airport in the morning -- his flight wasn't until after noon, but we wanted to get him there plenty early given the holiday weekend and the weather reports around the country -- then we came home for lunch and hung out watching football with Adam while he worked on a computer science project. The kittens were content to snuggle him and his laptop in place of older son.

By some miracle, Washington beat the Giants -- Daniel even managed to watch the game via United's onboard wi-fi -- and Seattle won as well. We took Adam back to school in the afternoon once his laundry was dry, driving in the rain that continued pretty much all day. We had kittens wondering where everyone had gone all over us while we ate Ethiopian stew for dinner and watched Madam Secretary (how funny to see the leader of District 8 in such a subservient role, hee). Last day of cat pictures for a while, I promise!

Two kittens discover that Daniel's laptop vents out heat, plus he has body heat.

Adam is a good kitten snuggler too.

Cinnamon is not so sure about any of this.

And Daisy has quite a bit to say about it.

Eventually Adam has to extricate himself to go back to college.

At first the kittens are forlorn.

Then they wrestle over a box.

And eventually they come snuggle with me.

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