Monday, December 26, 2016

Poem for Monday and Christmas

Christmas Cheer
By Thomas Tusser

Good husband and housewife, now chiefly be glad,
Things handsome to have, as they ought to be had.
They both do provide, against Christmas do come,
To welcome their neighbors, good cheer to have some.

Good bread and good drink, a good fire in the hall,
Brawn, pudding, and souse, and good mustard withal.
Beef, mutton, and pork, and good pies of the best,
Pig, veal, goose, and capon, and turkey well drest,
Cheese, apples and nuts, and good carols to hear,
As then in the country is counted good cheer.

What cost to good husband, is any of this?
Good household provision only it is:
Of other the like, I do leave out a many,
That costeth the husband never a penny.


After waking Daniel and Adam, we picked up my parents and drove them up to spend the day with Paul's parents. So we spent most of Christmas in Hanover, eating primarily Swedish food and lots of cookies, watching some of the extremely unfortunate Ravens-Steelers game, and Skyping with Maddy, David, and their family in L.A., plus we exchanged presents. It was a very nice, low-key afternoon!

We got home in time for Doctor Who, which for once was completely delightful -- okay, not winning any feminist awards, but it was sweet and funny and didn't have any fate of the universe crap riding on the shoulders of a Manic Pixie Girl companion. Now we're watching ancient Pokemon VHS tapes to see the Poseidon Adventure episode! Hope everyone had a nice holiday!

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