Friday, October 19, 2012

Poem for Friday and Renfaire Remembrances

After Being In Love, The Next Responsibility
By Jalaluddin Rumi
Translated by Coleman Barks

Turn me like a waterwheel turning a millstone.
Plenty of water, a Living River.
Keep me in one place and scatter the love.
Leaf-moves in wind, straw drawn toward amber,
all parts of the world are in love,
but they do not tell their secrets. Cows grazing
on a sacramental table, ants whispering in Solomon's ear.
Mountains mumbling an echo. Sky, calm.
If the sun were not in love, he would have no brightness,
the side of the hill no grass on it.
The ocean would come to rest somewhere.

Be a lover as they are, that you come to know
you Beloved. Be faithful that you may know
Faith. The other parts of the universe did not accept
the next responsibility of love as you can.
They were afraid they might make a mistake
with it, the inspired knowing
that springs from being in love.


I have reached 2012 on the Massive Flickr Upload Of My Life! And I have written three-quarters of my DS9 review for the week, since I have a busy day tomorrow -- neither of my kids has school on Friday, so we picked up Daniel tonight and tomorrow we are meeting my in-laws at Gambrill State Park, then having dinner with my parents while Adam, his girlfriend, and all of his friends are at the homecoming football game (the dance is on Saturday). Otherwise, my day involved folding laundry, working on another article, and eating D.P. Dough from the calzone pace in College Park, which was yummy.

We were so happy that the Tigers beat the Yankees that we didn't watch any more evening sports. Instead we watched Beauty and the Beast, which I am really liking -- the show centered this week on four major female characters, Catherine is very much the focus of the arc story, and although Vincent has rescued her a couple of times, she's pretty fearless and very determined. Then we watched Elementary, which may end up being too dark for me and which had a pretty ridiculous twist this week -- I think traditional detective shows and I just don't get along. Some Renfaire photos from last weekend:


Anonymous said...

I would love to have spent a day at this RenFair. The photos make it so inviting! The dress is my favorite. A friend's daughter makes these for the RenFair in northern California.

Those Yankees. I hope Alex is going bye bye! Too bad about Derek's ankle, though.

Michelle Erica Green said...

I wish I was proficient enough with a needle to make dresses like that! But ha, I hate the Yankees--my father was a childhood Dodgers fan, I grew up an Orioles fan and my husband rooted for the Red Sox, so we have zero sympathy for the richest team in baseball.