Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Poem for Tuesday and Longwood Butterfly

Freedom in Ohio
By Jennifer Chang

on my birthday

I want a future
making hammocks
out of figs and accidents.
Or a future quieter
than snow. The leopards
stake out the backyard
and will flee at noon.
My terror is not secret,
but necessary,
as the wild must be,
as Sandhill cranes must
thread the meadow
yet again. Thus, autumn
cautions the cold
and the wild never want
to be wild. So what
to do about the thrum
of my thinking, the dangerous
pawing at the door?
Yesterday has no harmony
with today. I bought
a wool blanket, now shredded
in the yard. I abided by
dwelling, thought nothing
of now. And now?
I'm leopard and crane,
all's fled.


We had a pretty uneventful Monday. Adam wanted to drive to get hours for his license, so I let him drive us on all our chores -- to the bank, to Bagel City, to the mall for frozen yogurt (yeah, it's that kind of weather). Then my mother offered to go driving with him for a while, so I came home to do some work and took a walk (it was a four-bunny day, two of whom were not in the least afraid of me when I took their photos).

We watched the season finale of Warehouse 13, which was a little over-the-top but I love the main and guest casts enough not to care (more Buffy reunion, more Pete/Myka awesomeness). We also watched the second episode of Under the Dome, which was not particularly better than the first, though son tells me some things were much worse in the book. A butterfly from our last summer trip to Longwood Gardens:

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