Sunday, February 14, 2016

Poem for Sunday, Brunch, Baltimore

By Rachel Zucker

the spoke holds the wheel's intellegence but controls nothing
like the spine aware of danger tightens but cannot move
these stupid limbs have so much power

behold the downed perimeter and beyond
the frail limbed fathers bringing things in ziplok baggies

meanwhile I must get up and make his childhood
up this steep embankment of no sleep
to sort stones from snail shells though
he is too young to count or fathom matters

just one moment, please, I beg to conjure:
the neck of the lute
the rim of the glass
the way the wheel eventually stops without knowing


Quickie again since we're watching Ex Machina with Daniel, who hadn't seen it, after getting back late from Baltimore where he was visiting a friend and Paul and I had dinner at P.F. Chang's. Earlier Paul's parents came down from Hanover and we all had brunch at my parents' house, since we didn't get to celebrate the holidays together in December.

Then we dropped Adam off in College Park en route to Baltimore, where it was too cold for much walking around the harbor so we went to Barnes & Noble and read all the books about Paris for an hour. Daniel had to do laundry when we got home, so we watched Ex Machina since he hadn't seen it and I think it's great. A few pics from Baltimore and brunch beforehand:

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