Saturday, June 03, 2017

Poem for Saturday and Canal Turtles

Summer Morn in New Hampshire
By Claude McKay

All yesterday it poured, and all night long
    I could not sleep; the rain unceasing beat
Upon the shingled roof like a weird song,
    Upon the grass like running children’s feet.
And down the mountains by the dark cloud kissed,
    Like a strange shape in filmy veiling dressed,
Slid slowly, silently, the wraith-like mist,
    And nestled soft against the earth’s wet breast.
But lo, there was a miracle at dawn!
    The still air stirred at touch of the faint breeze,
The sun a sheet of gold bequeathed the lawn,
    The songsters twittered in the rustling trees.
And all things were transfigured in the day,
    But me whom radiant beauty could not move;
For you, more wonderful, were far away,
    And I was blind with hunger for your love.


I had physical therapy on Friday morning, which felt great while I was doing exercises and getting my muscles massaged, but now my lower back is killing me in every position as are my feet because I've been standing for four straight hours to avoid the pain I get when I sit. So I am cranky, and Adam is not feeling well either.

My day wasn't very exciting, though the weather was gorgeous and I did manage to walk in Cabin John Park after getting a haircut. We had dinner with my parents, then came home and watched Guardians of the Galaxy with Adam so we can see the sequel over the weekend if schedules permit. Turtles seen at Great Falls Park on Thursday:









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