Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Lyrics for Tuesday

I Don't Remember Christmas
From Starting Here, Starting Now
By David Shire and Richard Maltby Jr.

I was standing in the bedroom
When it suddenly came clear
That at last I don't remember
That at one time you were here.
All that stuff that used to haunt me
Like your robe behind the door?
For the first time, I don't notice
That they're not here anymore.

And I don't remember summer,
I do not remember fall,
So it's possible December
Never happened after all.
Did we trim the tree together?
I can't get the image through,
Cause I don't remember Christmas
And I don't remember you

Later on to my astonishment
I did not feel a tug
When I walked into the living room
And saw that sheepskin rug.
All those pesky little echoes,
They're all gone without a trace;
It was good to know I could grow
Unaccustomed to your face.

Cause I don't remember Easter
Or the rainy day we met.
Did we really have some good times?
Come on, tell me, I forget.
Did I think that you were springtime?
It's all vanished in the blue,
Cause I don't remember Christmas
And I don't remember you.

If she wants to leave you...well, let her,
Says a practical voice in my head.
Any sensible man would forget her...
Forget her...forget her...

So Thanksgiving never happened
And Bermuda is a blur,
And I'm not the type to waste time
Over things that never were.
Were you really my obsession
Til our ship of pleasures sank?
No, I guess I must have dreamt you,
Cause the whole year is a blank.

And I don't remember crying,
And I can't recall your touch.
Cause I'd never be so stupid
As to open up so much.
Did I really say I need you?
No, the words just don't ring true
Cause I don't remember talking
And I don't remember laughing
And I don't remember wanting
And I don't remember needing
I do not remember April
I do not remember Tuesday
And I don't remember Christmas
And I don't remember you.


Quick, see if you can guess my mood from that!

Yesterday was shitty. Had some bright spots, like sitting at my son's fencing lesson and reading and thinking, gee, I am perfectly capable of enjoying these books without talking to anyone about them at all. But, mostly, it was shitty, because, in the immortal words of , people suck. (Some people, of course, do not suck; this general complaint is not aimed at them. Though at least one of them is bound to take it personally anyway, because people suck like that, too...heh.)

: "Swelter", for the weather challenge. Movieverse.

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Nick Moore said...

Thank you for posting the lyrics...great to see it written out!