Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Lyrics for Tuesday

Si Buscabas
By Salvador and Katia Cardenal

Si buscabas
un cuerpo complaciente
que soltara tus amarras,
que en tus nudos desnudara
a tu animal mas innocente...

Si esperabas
un fuego tan ardiente
que encendiera tus cenizas,
que te hiciera sentir brisa
donde ya no habia fuente...

Si anorabas
un corazon de refugio
donde huir de tanta gente
que te heria y te quiera
para hacer feliz un dia...

Si sonabas
con buscar la libertad
a traves de otra persona
que librara a tus palomas
de las ansias de volar,
que luchara en tu trinchera
de traer la primavera,
la encontraste.

The above is a song by a brother-sister duo from Nicaragua called Guardabarranco. Their politics are on the left and their romantic sense is intense and I discovered them via my friend Sharon more than 12 years ago and saw them perform more than 10 years ago and have no idea where they are now.

I speak very little Spanish but I have made a couple of small changes in the English translation from the liner notes of their CD. I know that "desnudara" is a pun on "to untie" and "to make naked"...

If You Were Looking

If you were looking
for a willing body
to loose your bonds,
to reveal in your tangled knots
your most innocent beast...

If you had hoped for
a fire hot enough
to kindle your ashes to flame,
to make you feel a breeze
when the source was gone...

If you had longed for
a heart of refuge
where you could flee from so many people
who hurt you and who loved you
to make happy one day...

If you dreamed of seeking freedom
through another person
who could free your doves
from their yearning for flight,
who would fight in your battle
to bring the springtime,
you have found her.


Yesterday afternoon my son had an eye doctor appointment and this morning I have one. I am expecting to spend most of this afternoon getting both of our new prescriptions dealt with (am really hoping they say I can have contacts). Of course I have three articles to deal with at some point as well, so don't expect to hear from me. Of course I have two different bunnies biting because I can't write them...

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