Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Greetings from Puget Sound

Adam and Katherine had to work on Monday, so after eating bagels at their house, we drove into Seattle to pick up Daniel and went to Carkeek Park, which has a beach on Puget Sound reached by crossing a bridge over the railroad tracks. So people with children come to watch the trains as well as to visit the playground and see the beach wildlife (gulls, mallards, widgeons, and sea lions off in the distance on buoys). Since it was a workday there weren't a lot of other adults. We were going to visit Golden Gardens as well, but after we stopped for lunch at Patty's Eggnest because we saw a sign from the road declaring that they had Swedish pancakes (and wonderful eggs benedict and omelets), it started to pour. 

So we wound up returning to younger son's house and hanging out for a couple of hours until the rain stopped. We tried to walk Pepper by ourselves, but she was Having None Of It, so we waited until Adam and Katherine had finished work for the day, then we all walked to Grass Lawn Park and saw the site of Katherine's owl attack as well as sunset on the changing leaves. We watched some of the Cowboys-Eagles game before eating leftovers for dinner since there was so much Indian and Mexican food in the refrigerator, plus the rest of Daniel's birthday cake. After that, we played Codenames. Here are photos of the two parks plus lunch and dinner:


2021-09-27 12.39.16


2021-09-27 12.32.38


2021-09-27 13.43.20

2021-09-27 16.52.03A

2021-09-27 18.19.18

2021-09-27 18.37.02

2021-09-27 21.58.49