Saturday, April 13, 2024

Greetings from T-Mobile Park

Quickie as we are just back from watching the Mariners defeat the Cubs 4-2 -- a very enjoyable but very chilly evening! We were outside from about 3 p.m., when we headed into the city after a checkup with my ophthalmologist to make sure everything was healing well after my laser surgery; we parked near the stadium and took a walk down the shopping street that parallels T-Mobile Park and Lumen Field, then got in line to make sure we'd get the evening's primary giveaway, a lightweight hoodie. 

We chatted for more than an hour with fellow sci-fi fans, then got into the stadium, ate dinner (Beyond Burger for me, pizza for Paul), and picked up the second giveaway, a Mariners Aquaman figure reserved for people sitting in our section. It wasn't a great game for either team -- Seattle had two errors and the Cubs were lucky that the Mariners were awarded a base hit on what could easily have been named an error for them -- but we were happy with the conclusion, and the salmon race!

2024-04-12 16.57.22

2024-04-12 17.51.47

2024-04-12 16.43.29

2024-04-12 16.49.31

2024-04-12 19.03.10

2024-04-12 18.22.22

2024-04-12 18.20.46