Sunday, December 03, 2023

Greetings from Holiday Lights

The holiday season definitively started on Saturday in Redmond, though before lunch we only celebrated by watching college football conference championship games, which for a change went the way I wanted. Then we went to Redmond Town Center, which was setting up for its evening light display kickoff by having a holiday craft and performance show for kids. We also stopped at Bath & Body Works for the annual big candle sale, and back in our neighborhood, we went to see a neighbor's art show in the community lounge. 

At dusk we went to Kelsey Creek Farm Park, which was having its annual barn holiday lighting complete with sheep dressed as reindeer. We got to meet Santa, sing carols, and visit the animals as they got their last feeding of the day in the newly decorated barn. Then we headed back through Redmond, where the holiday lights and Mexican lanterns had been lit and there were several stages with live music from around the world along with tents celebrating global winter light festivals. When we got home, we watched the new Doctor Who.

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2023-12-02 16.48.26

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2023-12-02 18.25.44