Saturday, April 13, 2024

Greetings from T-Mobile Park

Quickie as we are just back from watching the Mariners defeat the Cubs 4-2 -- a very enjoyable but very chilly evening! We were outside from about 3 p.m., when we headed into the city after a checkup with my ophthalmologist to make sure everything was healing well after my laser surgery; we parked near the stadium and took a walk down the shopping street that parallels T-Mobile Park and Lumen Field, then got in line to make sure we'd get the evening's primary giveaway, a lightweight hoodie. 

We chatted for more than an hour with fellow sci-fi fans, then got into the stadium, ate dinner (Beyond Burger for me, pizza for Paul), and picked up the second giveaway, a Mariners Aquaman figure reserved for people sitting in our section. It wasn't a great game for either team -- Seattle had two errors and the Cubs were lucky that the Mariners were awarded a base hit on what could easily have been named an error for them -- but we were happy with the conclusion, and the salmon race!

2024-04-12 16.57.22

2024-04-12 17.51.47

2024-04-12 16.43.29

2024-04-12 16.49.31

2024-04-12 19.03.10

2024-04-12 18.22.22

2024-04-12 18.20.46

Friday, April 12, 2024

Poem for Thursday and Marymoor Herons

The Bagel 
By David Ignatow 

I stopped to pick up the bagel
rolling away in the wind,
annoyed with myself
for having dropped it
as if it were a portent.
Faster and faster it rolled,
with me running after it
bent low, gritting my teeth,
and I found myself doubled over
and rolling down the street
head over heels, one complete somersault
after another like a bagel
and strangely happy with myself.


Thursday wasn't as warm as Wednesday but it was still beautiful. We went out before lunch to pick up bagels (and bagel dogs, which we ate when we got home) then did a few hours of computer work before walking to the beach, where we saw steller's jays and several kinds of waterfowl. When my chat group started, the Orioles were losing to the Red Sox, but when we got off, they were up 9-4 in the 10th. 

Just after the Orioles won the game, we saw a huge rainbow over the lake. We ate leftover sesame and sweet and sour tofu for dinner, then we watched this week's Ghosts (ghosts get sucked off to heaven, poltergeists get jerked off onto new hosts), the new episode of Sugar (still no twist), and the start of Fallout (may be too violent for me). Great blue herons are nesting in the trees at Marymoor Park: 

2024-04-05 16.06.14

2024-04-05 16.59.56

2024-04-05 16.08.07

2024-04-05 16.49.30

2024-04-05 16.50.36

2024-04-05 16.50.10

2024-04-05 17.01.09

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Poem for Wednesday and Snohomish Flowers

Go Down Where the Rain Goes 
By Barbara Johnstone 

Nestle your feet in dark earth.
Feel the ground receive you.
Weave yourself with rootlets,
and weep as the tree implants heartwood
in your core. Travel down the taproot.
Listen to water burble over pebbles
while you rest.


We finally have temperatures back in the 60s, and on Wednesday we got plenty of sun! I talked to two of my high school friends in the morning (one was out shopping with her husband, the other was just back from a doctor's appointment to some crazy news from work), then wanted hummus and pita only to discover that our pita had mold on it, boo. In the afternoon, Kristen and I watched a couple of episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which if anything has improved with time. 

We walked to the beach, which had a lot of people given the fabulous an eagle apparently in an argument with crows about who got to sit in which tree, and salmon fry leaping out of the water. Then we came home and caught the Orioles come-from-behind victory over the Red Sox around dinner, saw this week's The Masked Singer (Team Vanessa Hudgens Is The Goldfish), and now we're watching VICE's Icons shows on Batman and Lord of the Rings. Snohomish flowers from last weekend:

2024-04-06 15.02.11

2024-04-06 14.58.45

2024-04-06 14.44.18

2024-04-06 13.54.37

2024-04-06 14.28.27

2024-04-06 15.00.35

2024-04-06 14.31.14

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Poem for Tuesday and Sammamish Beavers

By Tom Hubbard 

Eident indwaller o that wilderness
Reddin and guidin it fir your domain:
Smaa pioneer, makar miraculous,
Frien beaver: tak this haun’s-turn o my ain.

Frae birk or sauch, poplar or quakin-esh,
You chaw your biggin-gear, forby your meat;
Deep in the swurlin waters you enmesh
A routh o logs and brainches, ticht and neat.

A crannog reeks intil the winter air:
Your fowk byde in their chaumer het and hale.
Swimming up throu a bore ti jyne thaim there,
You beat a ferlie music wi thon tail.

The Indian hunter kent you fir a God;
His squaw has taen your kitlins ti her breast …
Your clan – and his – were bi the mongers caa’d
Doon fir mass slauchter. Few wad spear, wha’s neist?

Syne we hae cried you back: oor governaunce
Had fund a gairden, left it as a muir.
Whit is your secret, beaver, as you daunce
At the lochside wi your feres? Whit is your pouer?

Eident indwaller o thon wilderness
Reddin and guiding it fir your domain:
Smaa pioneer, makar miraculous,
Frien beaver: tak this haun’s-turn o my ain. 


Paul took the van in for routine servicing on Tuesday morning, so I had a quiet morning at home doing thrilling things like cleaning toilets and laundering the new comforter (the old one had shredded in the washing machine, possibly helped by small rips made by cat claws). When he got back, we ate lunch, then walked to the beach since the weather had turned lovely. My Voyager group watched "Live Fast and Prosper" -- fine till the ending!

Then Paul and I watched this week's Shogun (more seppuku! ahistorical seppuku! every week we get new seppuku! Despite the cast, I'm actually glad the show is almost over). Now we're watching the second episode of Mr Bates vs the Post Office, which is brilliant, well-written and enraging, and I can't believe how little coverage the story got in the U.S. Evidence of beavers in the Sammamish River last weekend:

2024-04-07 15.49.38

2024-04-07 15.50.15

2024-04-07 15.48.09A

2024-04-07 16.05.26

2024-04-07 15.49.41

2024-04-07 15.50.18

2024-04-07 15.49.46

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Poem for Monday and Red Rock Crabs

By Angus Calder 

Four crabs from the cold firth
alive for a shilling. The largest
reared in the pot, in spite of
the fierce water, but soon
we cracked his limbs with our teeth
and wheedled with spoons and fingers
for the last shreds of flesh
from the crannies of his briny body.

In that brittle maze
I found no features to remind me
of our brains, our livers
or our smooth bellies, yet doubtless
their functions were held by some part
of the paste of his cavities.

Spread, soup and risotto –
only the gills were rejected.

In the days we ate him
I did not forget
his moment on the floor
to amuse the baby, when she
gloated at the slow clash
of his last menace,
nor that shape which made me think
of a soft soldier
fried in the cockpit of a tank.


Our next door neighbors had ordered a six-pack and gave us eclipse glasses, but our weather on Monday did not cooperate for us to see even the 20% partial eclipse in the Seattle area -- it was heavily overcast all day. So we watched the eclipse coverage on CNN and admired the photos Adam and Haley sent from Maine, where they got to witness totality. Most people I know who traveled got good weather, so I am happy for them! 

It was otherwise a pretty quiet day (laundry, walk to the beach) before evening when the NCAA tournament concluded; I was rooting for Purdue in Big 10 solidarity, but I'm sure Paul's father will be very happy that UConn won, so it's all good. Now we're watching Elton John & Bernie Taupin: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song on PBS, which is pretty awesome (Brandi Carlile!). Red rock crabs at low tide at Carkeek Park:

2024-03-30 14.33.56

2024-03-30 14.30.29

2024-03-30 14.24.30

2024-03-30 14.20.08

2024-03-30 14.01.55

2024-03-30 14.31.21

2024-03-30 14.34.06

Monday, April 08, 2024

Greetings from the Sammamish River

We had a fairly nice day here on Sunday -- no rain, though it was overcast -- but we got a late start going out. We put on the Orioles game over breakfast (which they lost in a walkoff, boo), then we watched the women's NCAA final (which Dawn Staley's undefeated Gamecocks won over Iowa despite Caitlin Clark, yay). 

Then we went out to Redmond Town Center, which had both the Bath & Body Works sale and Cold Stone ice cream, though we sadly learned that Mac and Mabel is closing its physical store. From there we went to the Sammamish River Trail, where we saw flowers, beavers (or maybe nutria) in the river, and protected trees on the bank!

2024-04-07 16.09.54

2024-04-07 15.49.58

2024-04-07 16.05.17

2024-04-07 16.01.43

2024-04-07 15.18.23

2024-04-07 14.55.34

2024-04-07 14.40.32 

We had deep dish pizza for dinner and saw the first episode of Sugar, which I really liked; I know it has a huge twist coming up, but after Ripley, it's a more engaging approach to the noir genre. Now we're watching Wish, which is gorgeous though predictable, with another heroine far too much like Rapunzel from Tangled.

Sunday, April 07, 2024

Greetings from Snohomish

I was craving eggs benedict on Friday night for some reason, so I wrote to Chris to find out whether she might be around on Saturday to have lunch at First and Union, which she was, so we did! Then we walked around Snohomish, stopping in a couple of stores, wandering by the river, and following a bit of the Centennial Trail to see parts of the town we hadn't visited before, including several houses slated to be set on fire for the fire department to practice on. The local Hindu community was celebrating Holi outside the community center, so we got to see lots of happy people covered in bright colors.

2024-04-06 14.38.17

2024-04-06 14.36.44

2024-04-06 14.29.12

2024-04-06 14.25.30

2024-04-06 14.15.23

2024-04-06 15.07.48

2024-04-06 15.02.39 

Kate kept me up to date on the Orioles game, which they tied right before we got home, though they lost it in extra innings. Then we talked to my parents and Adam and Haley about Passover travel on Google Meet, watched most of the UConn-Alabama game, and now we're watching the rest of Ripley, which I wish I actually liked instead of just admiring the cinematography. The performances are so muted that it's impossible to feel much for any of the characters, and I know Andrew Scott can act, so this must have been the director's choice. The Caravaggio flashbacks were my favorite part.

Saturday, April 06, 2024

Greetings from Marymoor

Friday was chilly like Thursday, but we didn't get snow and we didn't have an earthquake, so I am grateful we only had overcast skies. I had chores to do in the morning, we watched the Orioles while working in the early afternoon, and later we went to Marymoor to see the great blue heron nests, which don't have babies yet but the parents were busily working on adding sticks to them. We also saw lots of ducks, swallows, geese, and new beaver lodges, though no beavers.

2024-04-05 16.48.16

2024-04-05 16.09.34

2024-04-05 16.45.30

2024-04-05 16.43.40

2024-04-05 16.29.59

2024-04-05 16.29.15

2024-04-05 16.29.38 

We watched the end of the South Carolina-NC State women's game (Dawn Staley!) and all of the Iowa-UConn game (great matchup but I always root for the team coached by a woman, so I was pleased with the ending). Now we're watching the second episode of Ripley, which is beautifully filmed but the main character in this version isn't even as sympathetic as Matt Damon's highly problematic one in the 1999 film; the queer-coded sociopath genre may just not be for me.